Frequently Asked Questions by our customers-Mr Pawan Puri

  • How early should I place my order? As soon as you know you want a cake. There are times, especially in wedding season (Spring) and October through December (Spring 2), when Pammi National Baker's generally busy, and can't possibly make another cake. We ask for atleast two weeks’ notice for some specialty cakes, and for as little as few hours notice for our retail cakes. Of course, you can always call to ask us with shorter notice. If we can create your cake as it should be created, we will do it!
  • How do I schedule my wedding design and tasting consultation? We accept appointments from 10 am-7pm and from 9a.m-5p.m Saturday. Please call us , or email us to schedule yours. Most brides come to us 4-6 months before their wedding. We always ask for at least 2 week notice for any other specialty cake. Please, please, please don't wait until two days before you need a cake to call us. We will always do our best, but sometimes we just can't take anothe7order.
  • What do you charge for your cake tastings? We offer one free tasting and consultation session for 4 people per wedding. If you come in for a design session for a birthday, anniversary party or for any other occasion pammi national bakery is there to make your occasion better.Now You can even party here at Pammi Baker's bathinda.Book your hall today.
  • I really, really want to work for you. Will you hire me? Pammi Natonal baker's is always accepting resumes, but our staff is pretty solid. Just like pastries, we are flaky at times, but we tend to stick around. Get it? Stick around? Like butter, lol! But every now and then, we'll bring in an intern or will be looking for new talent. If you're interested, email us or call us